Jerry Overmyer, Ph.D. - served as the Mathematics and Science Outreach Coordinator at the MAST Institute. He has teaching experience in secondary and college mathematics. He was the coordinator the director of the Flipped Learning Academy, an initiative to implement flipped classrooms at UNC. He provided expertise on quality resources for teachers and students in mathematics and science. Jerry is also a pioneer and expert in flipped learning. He gives frequent presentations on flipped learning and is the creator and facilitator for the Flipped Learning Community - a 27000+ member professional learning network for teachers using flipped learning. Dr. Overmyer also taught mathematics at UNC and was the judging/volunteer coordinator for the Longs Peak Science and Engineering Fair. Dr. Overmyer is now a math instructor with WGU. He can be reached there by email at [email protected]  Questions about Higher Education Flipped Learning Conference should be directed to Dr. Nissa Yestness. She can be reached by email at .


Nissa Yestness, Ph.D. -  is the Program Chair and Host Committee Chair for the Higher Education Flipped Learning Conference. She began working in MAST in 2014 with the Flipped Learning Academy funded by an [email protected] grant. She previously worked as a postdoctoral educational researcher on an NSF grant: Math Science Partnership: Culturally Relevant Ecology, Learning Progressions, and Environmental Literacy. Prior to that she worked on FIPSE grant: Video Cases Project. Her doctoral research focused on student understanding of group theory and their use of diagrams in proof writing. She can be reached by email at .

Nissa and Jerry presented nationally about the Flipped Learning Academy at FlipCon 2015 in East Lansing, Michigan, and Nissa presented at EduCause 2016 in Anaheim, CA.



Participating Faculty

Cohort One

Matt Birnbaum, Ph.D. - Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership, HESA 680 Higher Education Law

Lory Clukey, Ph.D. - Nursing, NURS 504 Quality and Safety

Tabby Harraf - Monfort College of Business - BACS 101 Business Computing

Karen Hessler, Ph.D. - Nursing, NURS 312 Physical Assessment

James Haughian, Ph.D. - Biology, BIO 100 Exploring Biology

Jerry Kraver, Ph.D. - English, EED 402 Methods of Teaching Literature

Kim Murza, Ph.D. - Audiology and Speech Sciences, ASLS 266 Normal Speech and Language Development

Judy Stauter - Nutrition and Dietetics, FND 250 Principles of Nutrition

Angela Steele - Mathematics, MATH 283 Fundamentals of Mathematics III


Cohort Two

Lin Allen, Ph.D. - Communications, COMM 343

Kristin Bovaird-Abbo, Ph.D. - English, ENG 320 History of the English Language

Robin Brewer, Ph.D. - Special Education, EDSE 443

Ryan Cahalan - Monfort College of Business, BAAC 220

Susan Collins, Ph.D. - Gerontology, HUSR 410

Andy Creekmore, Ph.D. - Anthropology, ANT 320

Sue Ellen DeChenne, Ph.D. - Biology BIO 351 General Microbiology

Molly Desjardins, Ph.D. - English ENG 239 Topics in Women's Literature

Judy Leatherman, Ph.D. - Biology BIO 220 Genetics

Britney McIlvaine, Ph.D. - Anthropology ANT 332 Modern Human Variation

Melanie Moore, Ph.D. - Sociology SOC 221 Sociology of Gender

Carlo Parker - Nursing NURS 380 Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Tamara Yakaboski, Ph.D. - Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership HESA 611 Organization and Administration


Cohort Three

Jason Byrnes - Music

Vilma (Betty) Cardona - Applied Psychology and Counselor Education

Darcy Copeland - Nursing

Janel Greiman - Monfort School of Business

David Lerach - Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Gillian McNally - Theatre

Tina Stoody - Audiology